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Protocol for MICROWAVE-SINTERING of Y-TZP dental: study in vitro and in vivo


This study aims to evaluate the microwave energy sintering protocol by analyzing the mechanical and microstructural characteristics of the Y-TZP in comparison with the conventional sintering method, in the volumetric contraction, in vitro and in vivo degradation, Biofilm formation in vivo as well as mechanical fatigue and resistance. N = 172 discs will be made by means of CAD-CAM standardization in size according to ISO 6872, the disks will be divided into 8 groups, four Groups that will be sintered in a conventional way, and four Groups that will be sintered by microwave energy using a protocol Pre-established. And then they will undergo degradation in vitro and also in vivo. For microstructural characterization, volumetric contraction, surface roughness, goniometry, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and confocal laser scanning microscopy (MCVL) will be performed. For the mechanical characterization, tests will be performed: biaxial flexural strength and step-stress fatigue. The results statistically will be analyzed (ANOVA, Tukey and Dunnett), and then it will be possible to make a careful evaluation of the methods used, as validation for clinical and scientific use of the sintered material through the protocol for microwave, which has several benefits to the sintering process, reducing time, temperature, saving energy. (AU)