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Trans/Form/Ação is a Brazilian academic journal that for over 40 years has engaged in the dissemination of research in philosophy and of interdisciplinary research with a philosophical bent. Its editorial line favors the Brazilian and international academic milieus, and critical reflection on philosophical works, themes, and problems. The journal strives to deepen theoretical debate and promote interchange among researchers, without giving predominance to specific ideological currents or lines of research. The journal thus seeks to be oriented toward dialogue with the most prestigious philosophical research centers in Brazil and the world, and frequently receives contributions from authors from various regions of the country and abroad. The change in recent years from triannualy to quarterly publication testifies to its consolidation in the Brazilian academic setting and its growing professionalism. Finally, it is noteworthy that in 2016 Trans/Form/Ação received the rating from the Brazilian Ministry of Education (CAPES Qualis A-2), endorsing its academic and scientific relevance and recognizing the seriousness of the work it has developed over the years. (AU)