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Intermidiality: the means of artistic production in Samuel Beckett and in the Critical Theory


The research project is concerned with Samuel Beckett's television plays, which will be addressed as organizing elements of his late production. The conceptual problem to be developed in the analysis of the works is the intermidiality, which will allow us to think both the specificity of the technical means of production employed by Beckett (prose, theater, radio, television) and the resonance of esch medium in another. Attentive to the means of production, the project seeks to locate such works in a debate of contemporary aesthetics marked, on the one hand, by the progressive erasure of the boundaries between the various media in artistic production and, on the other, by theoretical efforts stemming from the Critical Theory, which despite the relative decline of the autonomy of artistic media seek, by refering to the concept of aesthetic experience, to preserve the notion of autonomy in the understanding of contemporary art. The investigation of the intermidiality proper to the works of Beckett and the debate around the concepts of autonomy of the work of art and of means of artistic production, respectively developed by Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin, will be thought as contributions to this debate. (AU)