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Contributions to the implementation process of the health care service network for adolescents and young adults for the Unified Health System of the State of São Paulo

Grant number: 19/03955-8
Support type:Research Grants - Research in Public Policies
Duration: September 01, 2019 - August 31, 2021
Field of knowledge:Health Sciences - Collective Health
Cooperation agreement: CNPq - PPSUS
Principal Investigator:Mariana Arantes Nasser
Grantee:Mariana Arantes Nasser
Home Institution: Faculdade de Medicina (FM). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Assoc. researchers: Adalto Alfredo Pontes Filho ; Albertina Duarte Takiuti ; Analice de Oliveira ; Aparecida Linhares Pimenta ; Arnaldo Sala ; Daniela Vinhas Bertolini ; Débora Hermann ; Fernanda Lopes Regina ; Gabriela Souza Murizine ; Jan Stanislas Joaquim Billand ; jorge harada ; José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita Ayres ; Júlia de Campos Cardoso Rocha ; Julliana Luiz Rodrigues ; Ligia Bruni Queiroz ; Maria Ines Battistella Nemes ; Neusa Francisca de Jesus ; Nicanor Rodrigues da Silva Pinto ; Patricia Ferreira de Andrade ; Paulette Cherez Douek ; Regina Maria Mac Dowell de Figueiredo ; Sandra Mara Garcia ; Sandra Maria Spedo


This Project aims at contributing to the implementation of the Health Care Service Network for Adolescents and Young Adults for the Unified Health System in the State of São Paulo (LCA&J), through supportive actions in regions of health and process analysis. Our proposition establishes a partnership among the following institutions: Health Center Escola Prof. Samuel B. Pessoa of the FMUSP, the State Health Program for the Adolescent of the SES-SP, Coordination of Primary Care of SES-SP, Municipal Health Secretariat Council of the State of São Paulo, STD, Aids and Viral Hepatitis of the SES-SP, Mental Health Area of SES-SP, EPM/UNIFESP Preventive Medicine Department Management, Politics and Planning Areas, and CEBRAP. The health care service networks are related to the health care organization for priority themes, with coordination through primary care. In the State of SP, they have been regarded as guideline policies in the process of decentralization and regionalization of health, taking into account strategic groups and prevalent illnesses. The relevance of a health care service network for adolescents and young adults regarded as a populational group and from the perspective of public health lies on criteria concerning the magnitude of health problems and, more importantly, on the social impact and permeability of this group to actions for the promotion of health. The theoretical reference adopted is integrality - sought during the practice of health care and the articulation of the services network. The LCA&J, product of the same line of research, was developed between 2016 and 2018 through the financing programs of PPSUS Decit/SCTIE, CNPq, SES-SP, FAPESP: Process 2016/15205-5, and Term of Cooperation - Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO): SCON201602872, and now constitutes the work reference for this project. The adopted method for the project development is action-research, associated to qualitative and quantitative-oriented intervention and analyses. The next methodological steps are: publication and distribution of a printed book containing the LCA&J document; development of a support and discussion-oriented virtual platform for regional managers and health services professional; workshops to support the implementation in health pilot regions; evaluation of the LCA&J implementation through an on-line indicators system; elaboration of a field journal describing the experiences in the regional pilots and individual interviews with the LCA&J participants to analyse the relations between the different levels of regional management as well as analysis of the participation of the subjects involved in the implementation of the LCA&J. Finally, recommendations will be drawn for the continuity, generalization and further development of the implementation of the LCA&J. Research for the construction of LCA&J was approved at the FMUSP Research Ethics Committee (CAAE: 64912817.5.0000.0065 / Expert opinion: 1.977.538); CEPIS-SP Health Institute (CAAE: 64912817.5.3001.5469 / Expert opinion: 2.110.899) and SMS São Paulo (CAAE: 64912817.5.3002.0086 / Expert opinion: 2.208.541). Complementary expert opinions will be requested for this project. The expected results and products are: an LCA&J book; development of methodologies and tools for support to the regional management and to the organization of the work process in services for the LCA&J implementation; evaluation of the LCA&J implementation; and elaboration of recommendations for further development and generalization of the LCA&J implementation. (AU)