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The financial resource of the Technical Reserve provided by FAPESP, corresponding to project awards from the researchers of the Faculty of Food Engineering/UNICAMP in 2019 was R$ 130,660.32. The purpose of this RTI ANNUAL APPLICATION PLAN - 2019/2020 is to forward the proposal for use of the resource, as approved by the Congregation of the Faculty of Food Engineering-UNICAMP, at the 125th Extraordinary Meeting on 11/16/2020, in line with the standards established by Fapesp. The financial resource will be used to purchase items to serve the university community, including the renovation of the cold chamber at FEA consisting of cooling (8.5 m2, 4 ± 1 °C) and freezing (5.5 m2, -18 ± 1 °C) units, which are used for storage of raw materials and samples from the most different research areas; acquisition of two switches to receive and distribute the internet signal to the entire FEA; and acquisition of computers to equip the computer room with access for all students, including training for beginners on bibliographic review and use of important research tools. The FEA currently has five Graduate Programs and 50 professors, in addition to collaborating researchers, who serve approximately 500 graduate students, in a total built area of 19,546 m2, with 12,500 m2 of research laboratories. In the last CAPES evaluation, the Master's and Doctorate Programs in Food Science and Food Engineering obtained a score of 7, while the Master's and Doctorate Programs in Food Technology and in Food and Nutrition received a score of 5. The Doctoral Program in Bioenergy, from the Multidisciplinary Area of CAPES (USP, UNESP, and UNICAMP) was rated 4. It is worth mentioning that FEA has a Research Support Office (EAIP), and UNICAMP has developed an Institutional Policy of Good Practices and Research Integrity Initiatives and Open Access to Scientific and Intellectual Production Digital Library. (AU)