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Multimodal neuroimaging center for studies in epilepsy

Grant number: 05/56578-4
Support Opportunities:Inter-institutional Cooperation in Support of Brain Research (CINAPCE) - Thematic Grants
Duration: April 01, 2007 - March 31, 2013
Field of knowledge:Health Sciences - Medicine
Principal Investigator:Fernando Cendes
Grantee:Fernando Cendes
Host Institution: Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (FCM). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Edwaldo Eduardo Camargo ; Iscia Teresinha Lopes Cendes ; Li Li Min ; Roberto José Maria Covolan
Associated grant(s):13/01055-3 - EMBO Conference Series: Chromatin and Epigenetics, AR.EXT
12/16464-3 - Volumetric brain changes in thalamus, corpus callosum and medial temporal structures: mild Alzheimer's Disease compared with amnestic mild cognitive impairment, PUB.ART
12/12840-0 - NAA and NAAG variation in neuronal activation during visual stimulation: preliminary results from functional MRS, PUB.ART
12/00790-9 - 18th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, AR.EXT
11/00589-9 - Manual and semi-automatic quantification of in vivo 1H-MRS data for classification of human primary brain tumors, PUB.ART
Associated scholarship(s):11/17254-0 - Use of the texture analysis technique for studying MR images of Friedreich's ataxia patients, BP.IC
11/01106-1 - Use of fMRS for the study of N-acetyl-aspartate and N- acetyl-aspartyl-glutamate variation during brain activation, BP.MS
09/02138-4 - Study of the LCModel method for quantification of in vivo MR spectra of Huntington disease patients, BP.IC
+ associated scholarships 09/02179-2 - Study of the cerebral organization of lexical-semantic memory in Alzheimer's Disease, in normal aging and in healthy young adults using functional MRI, BP.PD
08/02246-9 - Combined application of dynamic MR spectroscopy and EEG techniques for studying the brain metabolism underlying spike activity in epileptic patients, BP.MS
08/04145-5 - In vivo quantification of human brain metabolites using 1H-MRS for the study of epilepsy patientes, BP.IC
08/02743-2 - Statistical Parametric Mapping and Functional Effective Connectivity | Oxford - England, BE.PC
06/59590-8 - Functional magnetic resonance imaging visiting fellowship | Cambridge - United States, BE.PC - associated scholarships


This research proposal is centered in the study of refractory mesial temporallobe epilepsy (MTLE) by high resolution structural MRI, receptor imaging and historadiological correlations. This approach will allow the development of methods for correlating in vivo and ex vivo imaging. Accordingly, we devised three projects that will investigate the basis of MRI signal alteration, serotonin transporters profile detected by molecular imaging and full analysis of brain parenchyma in patients with MTLE: A) Histological basis of MRI signal in the temporal lobe; B) Molecular imaging in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: in vivo and ex-vivo quantification of serotonin transporters; C) Whole brain high resolution MRI analysis in patients with refractory mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. The resources (researchers, technicians, imaging equipments) involved in the accomplishment of this proposal will make available to the ClnAPCe network: 1) a multidisciplinary team able to integrate clinical and experimental epileptology, innovative imaging acquisition/processing and advanced histopathological analysis; 2) a state-of-the-art core facility for advanced imaging studies; 3) new methodologies for historadiological correlations; 4) new tools for second order imaging processing; 5) expertise on molecular imaging. These technological and scientific resources are applicable to other important areas of biomedical research (oncology, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases) and are designed to be integrated into a network environment sharing knowledge with other centers via e-leaming. This is an essential requirement for the developing of telemedicine, a key tool for research, education and telediagnostic activities. In spite of the importance of epilepsy to public health, the number of researchers and clinically qualified specialists in the related areas of neuroscience remains small. The ClnAPCe network initiative is expected to promote a rapid progress in this field. Consequently, we have the responsibility of disseminating knowledge generated in the network projects to the medical and scientific communities. For this reason, the main educational emphasis of our program is tumed to technology transfer in imaging processing using voxel-based morphometry (VBM), molecular imaging acquisition techniques and neuroimage databasing and data mining. Since epilepsy is a disease that causes generalized anxiety in the public at large, we intend to provide a web site devoted to increase public awareness on the scientific advances achieved by the ClnAPCe projects. (AU)

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Scientific publications (23)
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