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Speciation of frogs in high-altitude environments


In this project we intend to carry out surveys of fauna of frogs in environments with high altitude, mainly from southeastern Brazil. The central objective is better understanding of species richness and the mechanisms of speciation. We intend to describe new species, extend geographic distributions and conduct studies of life cycles, cytogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics and phylogeny, using DNA sequences for these last three purposes. In addition to the publications resulting from this approach, the activities of this project are to promote the expansion of the collection of frogs for these environments and must also enrich the collections of recordings of vocalizations, and photography in life. With the results we hope to be able to contribute effectively to the conservation of the species studied. (AU)

Articles published in Pesquisa FAPESP Magazine about the research grant:
El efecto protector de la biodiversidad 
The first steps of a new species 
Los primeros pasos de las nuevas especies 
Los primeros pasos de las nuevas especies 
Articles published in Agência FAPESP Newsletter about the research grant:
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Scientific publications (93)
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