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Interactions between macromolecules and surfaces


Understanding the fundamental physical chemistry aspects that control the interactions between macromolecules and surfaces is the main goal of this project. It is strategically organized in five modules. Module 1 aims at the dependence of surface energy on the solvent used for cellulose and hemicellulose film formation and how it correlates with cell adhesion. Formation and characterization of cellulose derivatives films will be performed in the Module 2, as well as the evaluation of the effect of functional group on the surface energy of cellulose and cellulose derivatives. Adsorption behavior of proteins and enzymes on polysaccharide films will be studied in the Module 3 and will be correlated with surface energy values determined in the Modules 1 and 2. The Module 4 aims at comprehending the effect of structural aspects of polycations on the complexation with uncharged or negatively charged surfactants and the complexes biocidal activity. In the Module 5 Interactions between proteins and polyelectrolytes or monosaccharides at the liquid-air interface will be investigated. (AU)

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