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Human transcript validation initiative


The aim of this project is to validate the structure and to define the sequences for at least 2,000 full-length human genes in a two-year period. As opposed to conventional full-length cDNA sequencing projects such as MGC, gene structure will be predicted and validated without the construction of highly elaborated cDNA libraries or full length transcript determination. Gene sequences will be extracted from genomic sequence available through the Human Genome Project. Sequences will be used as a scaffold for EST (conventional and ORESTES) mapping as well as for gene prediction by computational analysis. Primers for validation of putative genes will be generated based on EST mapping, computational exon prediction and patterns of genomic organization, such as average gene size, intron/exons size and distribution. Validation will be done mainly by RT-PCR, insert subcloning and sequencing. A databank for gene cataloguing will be created and also will provide additional information as chromosomal location, expression pattern, alternative transcripts forms etc. The genes to be sequenced will be agreed in collaboration with other cDNA sequencing projects around the world to prevent duplication. (AU)