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Nitrogen transfer from green manures Fabaceae to tomato in an intercropping cultivation system after planting in non tillage system


In horticulture the basic ecological, green manure is essential, since the availability of sources of nitrogen (N) is limited and intercropping allows their ready availability for the main crop. The corn provides a high potential for biomass production, ensuring the maintenance of soil cover for no-tillage system. The main elements of interest in the dynamics of organic matter are carbon (C) and nitrogen (N), and have at least one natural isotope that can be used as a tracer for studies on soil-plant system. The cherry tomato has good productivity, with an option for farmers to produce with low input. This project aims to analyze the transfer of nitrogen in a mid-term cultivation of cherry tomatoes with green manures Fabaceae tillage and evaluate the decomposition of organic matter. The experiment is a randomized block with eight treatments (jack bean, sunn hemp, mucuna dwarf, mung bean, white lupine, cowpea, and two witnesses, one without and one with the corn husk) and five replications. Will be conducted evaluations of soil chemical characteristics, nutrient uptake, C / N and N in green manures, tomato yield, N utilization of green manures in the soil-plant and quantity of tomato and maize straw decomposition . (AU)