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Study of day-to-day variability of the mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere at low latitude and equatorial region, during the solar cycle 24

Grant number: 12/08445-9
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: March 01, 2013 - February 28, 2019
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Geosciences
Principal Investigator:Paulo Roberto Fagundes
Grantee:Paulo Roberto Fagundes
Home Institution: Instituto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (IP&D). Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP). São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Clezio Marcos de Nardin
Assoc. researchers:Alan Prestes ; Alessandra Abe Pacini ; Alexandre Alvares Pimenta ; Caius Lucius Selhorst ; Francisco Carlos Rocha Fernandes ; José Auguto Bittencourt ; José Ricardo Abalde Guede ; Marcio Tadeu de Assis Honorato Muella ; Marlos Rockenbach da Silva ; Maurício José Alves Bolzam ; Washington Luiz Carvalho Lima ; Yogeshwar Sahai
Associated grant(s):18/04187-1 - Committee on space research - COSPAR 2018, AR.EXT
16/20520-7 - AGU Fall Meeting 2016, AR.EXT
14/09583-1 - 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, AR.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):18/10679-4 - The study of planetary and lunar tide waves interaction in the ionosphere, BP.DR
16/10495-5 - Study of ionosphere and thermosphere during extreme space weather conditions during the decedent phase of solar cycle 24 (2015, 2016, e 2017), BP.DR
15/24791-2 - Study of ionospheric f layer multiple stratification near equatorial region and low latitude, BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 14/10124-1 - Thermosphere and ionosphere coupling during geomagnetic disturbed periods in the low-latitude and equatorial region, during the solar cycle 24, BP.MS
13/25037-4 - Study of F3 layer and sudden stratospheric warming effects in low-latitude ionosphere and equatorial region, during solar cycle 24, BP.PD
13/20494-8 - Study of the polarized DECAMETRIC radio emission measured by RIOMETERS, BP.IC
13/09274-6 - Diagnosis of precursor phase of solar flares based on the identification and the analysis of metric emissions recorded by CALLISTO-BR, BP.IC - associated scholarships


The main purpose of this project is study day-to-day variability of the dynamics upper atmosphere (mesosphere and thermosphere) and ionosphere electrodynamics, during the solar cycle 24, at low-latitudes and equatorial region, Brazilian sector, using a network of four observatories. Also, complementary data from other sectors and satellite data will be used in this project. The following topics will be study: a) Mesosphere-thermosphere, thermosphere-ionosphere, magnetosphere-thermosphere-ionosphere coupling during geomagnetic quiet and disturbed periods, b) Gravity waves and planetary waves propagations at mesosphere and thermosphere, c) Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs) and Meso-Scale Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (MSTIDs) propagation at ionospheric heights, d) Equatorial Large scale and bottom side ionospheric irregularities generation, evolution and propagation studies, e) Ionospheric F3 layer studies at equatorial and low-latitude regions; f) Ionospheric and upper atmospheric signatures of sudden stratospheric warming at equatorial and lo-latitude region, g) Study of the equatorial eletroject and counter eletroject in the American sector. (AU)

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