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The Cassino Conferences ( Lisbon-1871) on primary sources and the foundation texts of Portuguese realism-naturalism: collectanea


We intend to recompose, under the Brazilian researcher point of view, the Conferences that took place in Lisbon Cassino conducted by Antero de Quental. This will be done by the liberation of its primary sources, that are the newspaper reports published in the following Lisbon newspapers: 1-Revolução de Setembro; 2-Diário Popular; 3- Diário de Notícias; 4-Jornal da Noite; 5-Jornal do Comércio; 6- Fé; 7-A Nação; 8-O Bem Público; 9- O Alfageme; 10 - O Partido Constituinte 11- Gazeta do Povo and in other ones that will be object of research. The ransom/ reconstitution will be done with the newspaper reports written in the heat hours the conferences occurred _ May and June of 1871 _ for the researchers can read and evaluate what has really happened in this cultural moment and can take their own conclusions about such important theme for Portuguese Literature History, for Portuguese Realism-Naturalism, for 70's Portuguese Generation and for Queirosian Realism. (AU)