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The organizational intelligence in action: a model for its introduction in organizations


Based and proposes a adapted model of organizational intelligence management features of Delegación CITMA in Holguin, Cuba, with a view to continuous improvement of management Science, Technology and Environment, and the promotion of information culture. The proposed model is validated through the partial implementation, action research developed by the author and expert evaluation. The components of the model are the individuals and groups involved in the processes; methods and means they use to run the process and relate to, and using interpersonal, intergroup relations in the context of Delegación or interorganizational. These components are supported by streamline operating principles, which address both the learning capacity, as the promotion and development of shared values. Highlights the importance of spaces for the creation of skills, methods and means used for this, and the relationships that are established; fully appreciates the focus on innovation. The model is implemented through the steps of information expanded cycle in context. There isnt antecedents in the country of a development concept of organizational intelligence model, or their application adapted the characteristics of a Provincial Delegación the CITMA, which gives al scientific breakthrough result that can be achieved, moreover, fully meet the political and national guidelines for the management of Science Technology and Environment, as well as the broader context of Cuban organizations. (AU)