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Support to the Institutional Research Infrastructure to the CECH-UFSCar.


Due to the diversity of research developed by CECH, including with respect to those contemplated by FAPESP and served to render the values of RTI (Technical Reserve for Institutional Infrastructure), the Council of the CECH defined by the application of financial resources from RTI in two ways: 1. Collective demands of research that will target space used by all researchers in the CECH. This space is LIDEPS (Laboratory Integrated of Documentation and Statistics Political and Social). This is the newest research laboratory CECH and it consists of several areas of the humanities. There will be leased two projectors data show, a TV, a DVD player and a home theater. The purpose of the equipments to obtain a standard of quality for different types of projections that take place in this laboratory, providing greater technical possibilities in communications from researchers at CECH and its dialogue with colleagues from other Brazilian and foreign universities. 2. Specific demands that are directed to laboratories headed by researchers whose research projects have generated RTI. These requirements aim to complement the infrastructure of such laboratories. (AU)