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TAPESTRY - tutoring from Audiovisuals to promote empowerment and social transformation for at risk youngsters


There is a common belief that we can learn from films. But how this can happen? The purpose of this project is to develop a technology to support learning from films according to the perspective of Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED). The main features of this technology, besides the use of the internet to make possible a wide access to the intended learning, will be the interactivity and adaptivity of the learning contents, to facilitate independent learning, and the central use of films. The idea of an intelligent system to support learning has been characterizad by the intelligent tutoring systems. However, exploring the development of a theoretical basis to support the use of films in education, the project addresses the inadequacies of the traditional three components of intelligent tutoring systems to support the task of learning from films, and brings to the fore an approach that, addressing issues of constructivist theories of learning, provides a more adequate perspective of AIED to support learning from films. Our long term goal is to provide a foundation for the development of AIED systems to support learning from films. A particular goal is to apply these systems to support the kinds of learning that can raise the awareness of people about social, political, cultural and human issues, in order to feed social transformations and promote social inclusion. A presential learning program of using films to raise the awareness of youngsters in privacy of freedom about drugs, recently developed, is an example of the kind of context in which this technology may be applied. (AU)