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Relation between expressive and receptive repertoire on cochlear implant impaired hearing


Recent surveys showed that children who received the implant respond differentially to auditory stimulus and establish arbitrary relation among the auditory stimulus and other environment event. Under suitable condition the results of the recent surveys showed that even children that got a impaired hearing before they learn the speech, learned auditory-visual relation between one said word and two distinct pictures and showed equivalence relation among visual stimulus. However, the performance on picture naming, linked to the auditory visual learning was not typical comparing to its hearing pairs. Other study showed that the accuracy on talking was only observed after vocal imitation teaching. A recent study showed that when written words are used in auditory-visual relation teaching, the performance on reading words seems to have more correspondence point to point with written words then on pictures naming post-test. The purpose of this work is to lead three studies that evaluate the existence relations between receptive and expressive repertoires and both if and which condition the pictures naming shows with bigger correspondence with the said word, after a only auditory learning program. The work will be leaded with 15 attendants (five in each study) with design similar to the previous studies, however following the naming after each teaching step and manipulating the teaching sequence of receptive relation teaching and cheek the effect on the naming process. (AU)