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Influence of peracetic acid and sodium hypochorite in the cleaning of root canals instrumented with different rotary systems


The objective of this study will be evaluated, by scanning electron microscopy analysis, the effect of peracetic acid solution 0,5% and 2% and sodium hypochlorite solution 5,25% in the root canal walls after rotary instrumentation. Will be used 80 single-rooted human roots with standardized length of 16 mm and will have their canals instrumented by two rotary systems (Biorace and Mtwo), varying the irrigation solution, as follows (n=10): G1H - Instrumentation with Biorace System + sodium hypochlorite solution 5.25%; G2H - Instrumentation with Mtwo System + -sodium hypochlorite solution 5.25%; G3A - Instrumentation with Biorace System + peracetic acid solution 0.5%; G4A - Instrumentation with Mtwo System + peracetic acid solution 0.5%; G5A - Instrumentatio with Biorace System + peracetic acid solution 2%; G6A - Instrumentation with Mtwo System + peracetic acid solution 2%; G7S - Instrumentation with Biorace System + saline solution (control); G8S - Instrumentation with Mtwo System + saline solution (control). After instrumentation, the roots will be cleaved and the dentin walls will be evaluated by SEM with 500x and 2000x magnification for evaluation the cleaning of the root canals at the cervical, middle and apical thirds. The analyzed area will be quantified according by the total number of tubules present and the percentage of open tubules at each region. Data will be submitted to statistical analysis by ANOVA and Tukey tests, at the significance level of 5%. (AU)