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Discursive analysis of deaf studies in education: the signs writing issue


Currently, both deaf teachers as listeners came up to an apparent consensus that deaf students have a right to bilingual education (Libras and Portuguese language in the written form). We chose as data for this research as an analysis of be academic anthology entitled "Deaf Studies", comparing it with the current National Policy on Special Education in the perspective. The main aim is to locate, in these documents, data to enable the visibility of the innovations proposed for the education of deaf students placed in mainstream schools. We seek proposals for accessing knowledge, such as, a particular written form for Libras, in order to identify the regimes of truth that these texts convey regarding the need for changes in educational paradigms, since the deaf speakers of Libras yet presents gaps that often make them deficient in reading and writing in an oral hearing language. We assume that sign languages have their own system of writing. The considerations made in this study intend to bring some questions to educators and educational administrators, in a sense to rethink the education of deaf students in relation to differences that each individual has the tight, to fully accept the sign language and subjects that speak and are spoken by it: naturalize their writing, either in Portuguese are in signs. (AU)