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Fabrication of microfluidic devices envisanging aplications in precision agriculture and bioenergy


This project aims the study and fabrication of nanostructured layer-by-layer films (LbL) of graphene nanoplatelets, PEDOT and Montmorilonite clay (MMT) inside microchannels, at distinct combinations and molecular architectures. The main target is the development of microfluidic devices at LABIOEN/UNICAMP throughout supramolecular structures that facilitate the subsequent incorporation of ionophores, enzymes, bacterias and metallic nanoparticles to detect elements of interest (phosphorus, potassium, sodium and calcium) and differentiation of soil samples, besides studies involving biofuel cells. The use of PEDOT and MMT is promissing in the disponibilization of active charge sites that might contribute positively for both ionic exchange and nanostructuration of the materials, while graphene has been highlighted in the development of sensors regarding to the amplification of catalytic reactions and transport of materials, with significant contributions for sensing and detection limit in several devices and applications. The use of microfluidics allows separations and detections with high resolution and sensititvity,diminishing the time of analysis, despite the low-cost involved, adding value to the development of lab-on-a-chip devices, currently standing at the frontier of knowledge in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Our interest is the application of nanosctructured films in microfluidic devices, contributing to the development of sensors applied to the precision agriculture for soil analysis, and studies to forming devices able to convert chemical energy from alchool and sugar in electric energy (biofuel cells) (AU)

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Scientific publications (14)
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