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Modulation of monocytes, macrophages and pericytes by the colony stimulating factor genes to treat murine limb ischemia

Grant number: 15/20206-8
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: December 01, 2015 - May 31, 2023
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Genetics - Human and Medical Genetics
Principal Investigator:Sang Won Han
Grantee:Sang Won Han
Host Institution: Escola Paulista de Medicina (EPM). Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP). Campus São Paulo. São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Associated researchers: Eduardo Alexandre Barros e Silva ; Elizabeth Suchi Chen ; José Carlos Costa Baptista-Silva ; Leonardo Pinto de Carvalho ; Lindolfo da Silva Meirelles ; Lucimara Gaziola de la Torre ; Marcos Augusto Bizeto ; Marilia de Arruda Cardoso Smith ; Vívian Yochiko Samoto
Associated grant(s):18/06635-1 - Development of effective biomaterial-based systems for the efficient and safe delivery of iPSC-derived macrophages into the skeletal muscle to treat limb ischemia, AP.R SPRINT
Associated scholarship(s):20/02313-0 - Microfluidic and 3D bioprinting routes for the development of macrophage encapsulation systems based on hybrid gellan and fibrin hydrogels, BP.PD
20/06913-1 - Development of chitosomes' nanoparticles for modulation of inflammation and angiogenesis by dual delivery: an approach to gene therapy for limb ischemia, BP.DR
19/13518-4 - Core-shell non-viral vectors synthesis for gene dual delivery, BP.IC
+ associated scholarships 18/18523-3 - Polymeric microparticle synthesis via droplet microfluidics for sustained release of non-viral vectors applied to gene therapy, BP.DD
18/09203-5 - Genetic engineering of macrophages to acquire Phd2 +/- phenotype from induced pluripotent stem cells and its use for treatment of Limb Ischemia, BP.PD
17/20341-8 - Polymeric microparticle synthesis via droplet microfluidics for sustained release of non-viral vectors applied to gene therapy, BP.MS
17/17588-1 - Forced expression effect of GM-CSF and M-CSF genes in ischemic skeletal muscle, BP.PD
16/04229-0 - Evaluation of regenerative and reparative effect of IL-4 in ischemic muscle through expansion of type m2 resident macrophages, BP.MS
16/09547-0 - Gene therapy with CX3CL1 for murine limb ischemia, BP.IC - associated scholarships


Peripheral arterial disease affects millions of people every year and compromises the quality of life and shortens the life expectancy of these patients. The non-healing ulcer and strong chronic pain are the main symptoms of this disease in advanced stage that occurs due to tissue hypoperfusion and can lead to amputation of the affected limb and death. In the ischemic limb a constant inflammation occurs due to hypoperfusion and cell death, and monocytes and macrophages are mobilized to remove necrotic cells and to produce growth factors to promote vessel formation and remodeling, and regeneration and tissue repair. Recently, several subpopulations of monocytes and macrophages were discovered with several biological and paradoxical activities that may favor or disfavor the injured ischemic muscle. The proliferation and differentiation of these cells are dependent on the colony stimulating factors (CSFs), but subtypes of monocytes and macrophages recruited by each CSFs and the influence of these macrophages upon pericytes in the ischemic limb are unknown. The importance of understanding the role of CSFs in gene and cell therapies for ischemic diseases comes from our previous experience, where the administration of GM-CSF gene in vivo or ex vivo by means of mesenchymal stem cells in the mouse ischemic limbs led to almost complete recovery of mass and strength of muscles in 30 days. The main focus of this project is to study the quality of populations of monocytes and macrophages recruited by different CSFs in the ischemic skeletal muscles, and to assess whether the restriction of the M1 macrophage population or recruitment of M2 population is beneficial, and to verify if the tissue macrophage profiles can be changed by the local microenvironment. Influence of macrophages upon pericytes under ischemic and normoxica conditions will be investigated. Results of this study will show new gene interference ways to promote vessel formation and remodeling to repair and to regenerate ischemic tissue more efficiently with less fibrosis. (AU)

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