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Evaluating the exogenous and endogenous mechanisms influencing variability of cuticular hydrocarbons in Neotropical social insects


Cuticular hydrocarbons are one of the main chemical compounds used for communication by social insects. These substances have been indicated as responsible by the nestmate recognition within nests as well as involved in many other behavioral mechanisms of communicaton. Understanding how these compounds help to meadiate interactions between individuals is a challenge for behavioral and chemical biologists. Most studies have been conducted in temperate environments with insects from these areas. Neotropical social insects such as polistine wasps, ponerine ants and euglossine bees (Euglossa) have been revealed as important biological systems to understand the evolution of social behavior. These groups present graded variation of sociality (from solitary to complex eusociality) and morpho-physiology. Also they present variable bionomic aspects such as temporary colonies, solitary foundation to swarm behavior, some of them have no typical queens (Dinoponera) or conspicuous intercaste size variation, which provide ideal conditions to investigate how cuticular chemical communication mediates social regulation of their colonies. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to evaluate how chemical cuticular profiles reflect biological aspects such as reproduction, physiology under a comparative approach. This proposal is motivated by previous results obtained by a former project (proc. 2010/10027-5) that made it possible to establish a new line of research on the behavioral mediators and chemical signalling in the institution. (AU)

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