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Validation of crotamine as a biomarker and evaluation of its potential use in the therapy of human diseases


Venom toxins are of great scientific interest, mainly due to their possible use for therapeutic purposes, i.e., as pharmaceuticals and/or as structural models for the development of drugs that may be employed for the treatment of human and/or for biotechnological applications. Crotamine, which is one of the most abundant toxins of the rattlesnake venom, is capable of penetrating cells, as well as transporting DNA molecules into cells with special specificity for actively proliferating cells. The importance of proteoglycans in these processes and the selective cytotoxic activity of crotamine were demonstrated by the group. The evaluation of the feasibility for using the synthetic and/or modified analogues of native crotamine, as well as the expression of recombinant crotamine or the chemical synthesis of crotamine as alternative sources of this compound, suggested that the purified native crotamine from the venom of rattlesnakes kept in captivity, would still be the most viable strategy from an economic point of view. Therefore, thanks to the agreement signed with the international company Celtics Biotech (Ireland), and through a licensing contract mediated by the Butantan Institute and signed by the Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo in 2015, we are currently working together to jointly develop a plan for the use the native crotamine obtained under GMP conditions as a diagnostic agent for human use, with the participation of Emory University (USA) and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (Australia). New routes of administration of crotamine, new formulations (nanoparticles) and also possible adverse effects will be also assessed in the present study.Therefore, the aim of this project is to evaluate the potential use of crotamine as a therapeutical agent, aiding in the detection of tumors (diagnosis), and at the same time acting as antitumor and/or carrier of therapeutic genes or other antitumor agents when immobilized on nanoparticles. In addition, we intend to evaluate the use of crotamine for renal disease therapy, since this is the organ with the greatest accumulation of this polypeptide in vivo. With this we hope to validate the real contribution of this toxin to the diagnosis and/or therapy of patients with renal or tumor bearing diseases. (AU)

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Scientific publications (23)
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