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Optical modulation of semiconductor nanostructures using surface acoustic waves


The generation of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) on semiconductor piezoelectric substrates, such as GaAs, allows for the application of the SAW strain and piezoelectric fields to manipulate elementary excitations (like carriers, spins, and photons) in low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures. The SAW propagating fields, besides inducing carrier transport, can be used to modulate the optical properties of nanostructures via the Stark effect induced by the piezoelectric field and the band gap modulation induced by the strain. Here, we propose a new research project focused on the modulation of the optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures using surface acoustic waves. Our goal is to use SAWs as a local, non destructive and precise tool to manipulate and dynamically tune the emission properties of nanoscale structures. We describe the methods employed in order to implement this technique and propose experiments to beper formed in III-V semiconductor nanowires and core/shell colloidal quantum dots. In the former, we show how one dimensional carrier acoustic transport along the nanowire growth direction can be achieve dusing SAWs. In the latter, the acoustic modulation is employed to tune the energy levels of individual nano crystals. We also discuss how these experiments can be used as a platform for a series of carrier and spin dynamics studies in different types of nanostructures. (AU)

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Scientific publications (17)
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