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Center for Excellence in Electrochemically Synthesized Nanostructures


The main purpose of the Center for Excellence in Electrochemically Synthesized Nanostructures (ESNAS) is the use of electrochemical techniques to produce electronic, magnetic and optical materials. Due to the innumerable possibilities available for manufacturing materiaIs using electrochemical procedures, which include control on the nanometric scale, almost every type of material, including metal films, metallic alloys, superlattices, semiconductors and insulators can be prepared and used for manufacturing devices. These materiaIs can be either organic or inorganic and can range from highly crystalline to amorphous. This project presents a multidisciplinary proposal for the study of nanostructured materials, which will involve every phase of scientific development. The main objectives will be as follows: 1-) electrodeposit metals, metallic multilayers and alloys to study their structural, electrochemical and magnetic characteristics. The systems investigated will be used to build magnetic devices and to serve as electrocatalysts. 2-) prepare anodic oxide films with luminescent and electroluminescent properties using the anodic doping processo Prepare metal and alloy nanowires in anodic oxide templates to study their magnetic properties. Investigate the mechanisms of dielectric breakdown and anodic doping. 3-) based on electrochemical and chemical techniques, synthesize pure polymers, blends and composites of nanostructured conducting polymers for application in electronic and optical recording devices. Characterize the electrochemical, electric, magnetic, and optical properties of these materials. 4-) finally, we propose to create an Internet website for the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, using language accessible to the general public, with special attention focusing on elementary and secondary students. (AU)

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Scientific publications (20)
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