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Scientific studies and innovation application on CVD diamond, DLC and carbon nanostructures obtained by chemical vapor deposition technique

Grant number: 12/15857-1
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: October 01, 2013 - September 30, 2019
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Materials and Metallurgical Engineering - Nonmetallic Materials
Principal Investigator:Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi
Grantee:Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi
Home Institution: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE). Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações (Brasil). São José dos Campos , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Evaldo Jose Corat
Assoc. researchers:Anderson de Oliveira Lobo ; Edson Del Bosco ; Elidiane Cipriano Rangel da Cruz ; Enzo Granato ; Erica Freire Antunes ; Fernanda Roberta Marciano ; Getúlio de Vasconcelos ; João Roberto Moro ; Leonidas Lopes de Melo ; Manfredo Harri Tabacniks ; Milton Sergio Fernandes de Lima ; Nelia Ferreira Leite ; Nilson Cristino da Cruz ; Rudimar Riva
Associated grant(s):14/12508-1 - Scientific studies and innovative applications on CVD-diamond, diamond-like carbon (DLC) and nano structured carbon, obtained by chemical vapor deposition, AP.EMU
14/01708-0 - Nanosmat USA, AR.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):19/08473-1 - Development of carbon nanotubes supercapacitors for applications in lead-acid battery, BP.DD
18/06819-5 - Nanostructured composite boron-doped diamond/carbon nanotubes applied as electrode for degradation of textile dye via electrochemical advanced oxidation process, BP.DR
17/08899-3 - DLC films in multilayer with electric conductive nanoparticles for spatial and industrial applications, BP.DD
+ associated scholarships 17/04598-9 - Application of intermediate or bonding coatings in machining inserts, by laser methods, for anchoring CVD diamond film, BP.PD
17/04706-6 - Polymeric nanocomposites from polycaprolactone and carbon nanotubes: electrospinning parameters optimization, BP.IC
15/26651-3 - Development of immunosensors for Alzheimer's biomarkers electrochemical detection, BP.PD
16/07288-8 - Improvement studies of a pulsed DC PECVD system with additional cathode for DLC films deposit high adherence and enhanced properties on metal substrates, BP.PD
16/07912-3 - Development of a microfluidic System of nanocomposite diamond/carbon nanotubes for atmosphere water harvesting., BP.DR
15/24923-6 - Durability evaluation of diamond coating on inserts with complex geometries, BP.IC
15/25149-2 - Study of vanadium carbide interface developed by thermodiffusion and laser cladding for HFCVD diamond deposition., BP.DR
15/09781-0 - Study of DLC film growth inside of long tubes by pulsed-DC PECVD method, BP.PD
15/02960-7 - Optimization study of large electrochemical active area of nanocomposites VACNT-GO and its application in capacitive deionization, BP.DD
14/18139-8 - Growth and doping studies of mono-crystalline CVD-diamond, dye-colored via discharge of high-power mW 2.45 GHz, BP.PD
13/25939-8 - Study of interfaces by laser cladding for CVD diamond deposition, BP.DR
13/25539-0 - Adherence optimization of DLC films grown on industrial application steels, BP.DR
13/22458-9 - Deposition of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) films on tool steel AISI D2 and AISI H13, for general industrial applications, BP.DR - associated scholarships


The main subject of this project is in carbon films as CVD diamond, DLC, and carbon nanostructures. For this project we considered the good results of two other priori thematic projects within this same area. In this way, our focus will be on continuing and improving the projects now in progress at the National Institute for Space Research - INPE and in other institutions. This project will address the issues in question within a context of research focused on fundamentals and their applications and, also, including product developments that lead to innovation. The main emphasizes will be on: developing methods for CVD diamond deposition in polycrystalline form with micro and nano structure and single crystal growth; studying new methods to obtain interfaces for CVD-Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon (DLC), with improved properties on metal surfaces and; studying carbon nanotube (CNT), graphene oxide (GO), reduced graphene oxide (RGO) growth and their interactions in composite structures and as biological material. Further emphasis will be on the fundamental tribology studies as a characterization technique for industrial and space applications, on the electrochemical study with boron, nitrogen and sulfur doped CVD diamond, DLC, NTC, GO and RGO electrodes for energy storage applications, treatment of effluents and finally for electrical power thermionic conversion. Many previous results of our project group have opened new ways, which ensures continuity of fundamental research with clear opportunities for technology transfer to the productive sector with high potential for innovation, as has happened previously. The financial support needed is for acquisition of some new equipments, updates, materials and services for characterizations and for improving new reactors in studies with scientific and technological innovation. It is also to help on students' formation, and, also, aiming expansion of national and international cooperation. (AU)

Articles published in Pesquisa para Inovação FAPESP about research grant:
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