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Supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology


The research proposal from the Supramolecular NanotechLab of USP, is focused on Molecular Nanotechnology. It is based on Supramolecular Chemistry, exploring the cooperative interactions capable of improving molecular communication and of assembling organized and functional nanostructures. Such nanosystems also involve the association of molecules and nanoparticles, leading to functional heterohybrid nanomaterials. One of the major goal is the development of molecular interfaces capable of promoting light induced separation of charges, ion transport, and vectorial transfer of electrons or energy. New amperometric sensors are being elaborated based on self-assembled films generated at the electrode surface, as well as new photoelectrochemical devices for energy conversion. In a global sense the proposal comprises 6 research lines: i) new supramolecular and heterohybrid systems, ii) new electrochemical and photoeletrochemical devices, iii) plasmonic and SERS sensors, iv) magnetic-electrochemistry and nanohydrometallurgy, v) nanotechnological processes for capturing and processing metal ions, including environmental applications, and vi) catalysis and biocatalysis supported on superparamagnetic nanoparticles. In addition to the generation of new nanoarchitectures, fundamental studies will be performed on electronic and vibrational spectroscopy, electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, photochemistry, SPR, photoelectrochemistry, and AFM/STM, Confocal Raman and dark field hyperspectral microscopy. Patents and technology transfer are also under the scope of the project, particularly in petroleum, solar energy, biotechnology and mineral processing. (AU)

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Magnetic extraction 
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Scientific publications (48)
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MÉTODO DE TRATAMENTO DE ÁGUA E KIT NANOMAGNÉTICO DE TRATAMENTO DE ÁGUA BR1020140241256 - Universidade de São Paulo (USP) . Koiti Araki ; Henrique Eisi Toma ; Ulisses Condomitti Epamino ; Alceu Totti Silveira Junior ; Mayara Klimuk Uchiyama - September 2014, 29