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INCT 2014: National Institute of Science and Technology of Semiochemicals in Agriculture


According to the final report of the CNPq Advisory Committee, the INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture has been a considered model for the last four years (2009-2013). This INCT develops scientific research and technological innovation in a strategic area for national development, Agriculture, and through this new call, is expected to further contribute to the consolidation of the country in this area in the short, intermediate and long term. Contemplating cutting-edge research of high quality, highly trained human resources, transfer of knowledge to society and businesses, and strong internationalization of activities, this new proposal aims to strengthen the current INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture. Based on the network structure composed today and that already consolidated, laboratories and skills established in the states of São Paulo (Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture-Esalq/USP, Piracicaba, Institution Headquarters), Minas Gerais (Federal University of Viçosa - UFV, Viçosa), Paraná (Federal University of Paraná - UFPR, Curitiba) and Alagoas (Federal University of Alagoas - UFAL, Maceíó), this new phase for INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture will expand to other locations in Brazil, aiming at a greater balance and the formation of new research groups in new university campuses and developing regions, as recommended by the Edital. To the current group, we will add laboratories represented by the states of Sergipe (Federal University of Sergipe - UFS, Aracaju), Bahia (State University of Santa Cruz - UESC, Ilhéus), Rio de Janeiro (Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ, Three Rivers), Mato Grosso (State University of Mato Grosso - UNEMAT, Tangara da Serra), Mato Grosso do Sul (State University of Mato Grosso do Sul - UEMS, Cassilândia), Santa Catarina (Community University of the Region of Chapecó – Unochape, Chapecó), and two other institutions in Paraná (State University of the Central West - UNICENTRO, Guarapuava, and State University West Paraná - UNIOESTE, Cascavel). Taking into account the objectives and clear goals, INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture has, established a strategic foundation for the country with five general lines of research, namely: (i) semiochemicals in insect-insect and insect-plant interactions; (ii) semiochemicals in the context of biological control; (iii) Identification and synthesis of semiochemicals; (iv) semiochemical formulation and release technology; and (v) use of semiochemicals in Agriculture. Ali research subprojects proposed by the current INCT fit harmoniously into one or more of these general research lines, and are suitable for addressing problems with the main crops and crop pests of economic importance in current Brazilian Agriculture. This proposal thus creates new possibilities for pest control and monitoring by generating new knowledge, possibly providing new sustainable technologies for farmers without the use of chemicals, making the country more self-sufficient. Because it is a well-structured network of educational and research institutions, the INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture will continue contributing to human resources training at the highest level, expanding and disseminating innovations for many different Brazilian regions. Bolstered by leading international institutions in this area, such as the University of California-Davis, the University of California-Riverside, Penn State University, Wageningen University, University of Neuchâtel, Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, Universität Hamburg, and the University of Western Ontario, among others, the INCT semiochemicals in Agriculture will maintain constant exchange of students and researchers, promoting an increase in scientific production and improving production quality. Numerous opportunities exist for national companies to generate new products and technologies that support the agrobusiness growth, as is already being done by the pioneers Combined with these efforts will be the constant pursuit of initiatives that transfer knowledge to society, and science education materials for the general population have been implemented and made available by participating members and institutions. (AU)

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