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Biotechnological process for the development of natural colorants from microbial sources for industrial application: phase II

Grant number: 21/06686-8
Support Opportunities:Program for Research on Bioenergy (BIOEN) - Young Investigators Grants - Phase 2
Duration: September 01, 2022 - August 31, 2027
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Chemical Engineering
Principal Investigator:Valéria de Carvalho Santos Ebinuma
Grantee:Valéria de Carvalho Santos Ebinuma
Host Institution: Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas (FCFAR). Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). Campus de Araraquara. Araraquara , SP, Brazil
Associated researchers:Adriana Aparecida Lopes ; Adriano Alves Passos ; Cassamo Ussemane Mussagy ; CLARISSA PICCININ FRIZZO ; Danielle Biscaro Pedrolli ; Denise Grotto ; Fernando Masarin ; Filipa Alexandra André Vicente ; Jorge Pereira ; Maria Gonzalez Miquel ; Mario Antonio Torres Acosta ; Rosa Marisa Cuellar Franca
Associated research grant:14/01580-3 - Biotechnological process for the development of new natural colorants from microorganisms for industrial application, AP.JP
Associated grant(s):23/01368-3 - Stabilization and encapsulation of natural colorants and application in the development of packaging and cosmetics, AP.R
Associated scholarship(s):24/00547-4 - Bridges to knowledge: Science beyond the walls of the University, BP.JC
24/00540-0 - Bridges to knowledge: Science beyond the walls of the University, BP.JC
22/14207-5 - Eco/genotoxicology of microbial colorants and alternative solvents: a tool to enable their application in sustainable industrial processes, BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 23/09922-0 - Evaluation of the extraction and stability of carotenoids from Rhodotorula glutinis biomass in the presence of deep eutectic solvents, BP.IC
23/13069-0 - Stability and Application of Microbial Colorants in Cosmetics and Food, BP.IC
23/00569-5 - Production of Blue colorant (Indigoidine) by submerged culture of Streptomyces lavendulae, BP.MS
23/10165-9 - Extrcation of blue pigment indigoidine from Streptomyces lavendulae biomass, BP.IC
22/12639-5 - Agro-industrial waste hydrolysate as carbon source for azaphilone colorants production, BP.IC
22/02015-4 - Safety assessment of the natural azaphilone colorant from microbial sources: in vivo study, BP.MS
22/10809-0 - Production of carotenoids by submerged culture of the yeast Rhodotorula glutinis employing statistical tool, BP.MS - associated scholarships


Colorants have been used for centuries to enhance or restore the original appearance of different products and ensure their uniformity. The global market of colorants includes artificial and natural molecules; however, due to the consumer concerns regarding their health, the market for natural products have been raising in several industrial segments, especially, increasing the studies for the microbial production of natural colorants. These bioproducts exhibit further advantages because of their biological activities such as antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. Therefore, this project aims to develop a biorefinery of microbial colorants towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy, following the development of 2 sub-projects: 1) production of azaphilone colorants by Talaromyces amestolkiae and; 2) production of astaxanthin by Phaffia rhodozyma. For both processes, agroindustrial residues, namely, citrus waste, sugarcane bagasse and straw, will be valorized through their polysaccharide's hydrolysis, which will be then employed as carbon source in the stage of submerged cultivation in stirred tank bioreactor. After, the extraction of colorants using biosolvents-based liquid-liquid extraction platforms will be studied, to ensure an ecologically and environmentally sustainable process. A scale-up of the best process for extracting each colorant will be performed using centrifugal partition chromatography. The toxicity of azaphilone colorants and their application in hydrogels and textile matrices will be also evaluated. As the final stage of the project, the integration of the entire process will combine main upstream and downstream processing aiming to maximize the yield of target colorants. The long-term sustainability of technologies will be assessed through both techno-economic and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). The present proposal intends to apply a holistic and integrative approach of chemical and biological engineering for the microbial production of natural colorants, aiming to develop an environmentally and economically sustainable process, with a positive impact on the environment and helping to democratize the access to natural and healthier additives. (AU)

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