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Submicroscopic genomic imbalances associated with specific congenital abnormalities and mental deficiency phenotypes


Comparative genomic hybridization to arrays, or array-CGH (aCGH) is a technique that allows genome-wide investigation of gains and losses of DNA sequences with a resolution at least 2 order of magnitude higher than classical cytogenetics. We first implemented aCGH at the Institute of Bioscience of University of São Paulo (IBUSP) in 2004 with the support of the CEPID - Human Genome Research Center. Over the last 4 years we investigated submicroscopic copy number alterations in about 400 families involving individuals with mental impairment and/or congenital abnormalities; cryptic chromosome alterations were detected in 17-30% of the patients dependent upon clinical criteria. Two types of benefit resulted from this work, namely: (a) determining recurrence risks and offering genetic counseling to these families; (b) 20 peer reviewed publications contributing to collaborative mapping of specific disorders and description of new syndromes, several of them involving international groups. The microarrays used during this period had been produced by the coordinator of this project C. Rosenberg while she was a faculty member at Leiden University (the Netherlands), and were donated free of charge to the University of São Paulo; these arrays had BACs as targets and an average resolution of 1 Mb. However, the BAC-arrays are now being replaced by oligonucleotide arrays, which have a much higher resolution and lower costs. In the following proposal, we continue implementation of the oligoarray using a high resolution commercially available and reliable platform, to investigate new patient groups totaling 400 patients and 200 controls. The PIs and collaborative researchers represent Brazilian reference centers for specific clinical phenotypes, namely: müllerian anomalies, Silver-Russel syndrome, X-linked mental deficiency, and pediatric cancers associated with further congenital defects. An important component of this project involves several international collaborations, namely: (a) a collaboration with Dr. John Crolla, National Genetics Reference Laboratory, Wessex, UK, who coordinates a European consortium for users of standardized aCGH platform for diagnosing mental deficiency and congenital abnormalities; (b) both Drs. Crolla and C. Rosenberg are part of an international consortium for aCGH standardization in clinical studies, which is subsidized by the National Institute of Health (NIH, USA) and coordinated by Dr. David Ledbetter, from Atlanta University; (c) C. Rosenberg is participating in the international consortium DECIPHER - Database of Chromosomal Imbalances and Phenotype in humans using Ensembl Resources (, in which submicroscopic alterations detected in patients with altered phenotypes is compiled and made available on line. This project is a collaboration between the IBUSP and the Cancer Hospital AC Camargo. The coordinator of this project, who is at present researcher at the Cancer Hospital AC Camargo, has been approved in an open selection for a faculty position in the IBUSP, and is waiting for processing the documents to start in the new position. The researcher then will be employed by USP and remain as collaborator of the Cancer Hospital, which will not interfere in carrying out the project. (AU)

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