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Schizophrenia is currently seen as a disease of neurodevelopment that determines high rates of morbidity and mortality. Only prevention strategies, including identification of risk factors and early intervention may reduce these rates. This project focuses on identifying genetic markers of risk, progression and response to treatment to promote primary, secondary, tertiary schizophrenia prevention and incorporating a platform for genetic investigation of individuals in several disease states: a) children at risk to develop mental disorder; b) ultra high risk subjects (UHR); c) first-episode psychosis (PEP) subjects; and d) patients with schizophrenia. The modules described below are designed in order to investigate individuals in these four phases of pre-illness and disease. Some of these cohorts will be followed longitudinally. The cell module includes telomeric measures as markers of aging and disease progression. The genomic/variants module includes identification of polymorphisms, mutations and CNVs in both large scale and in specific genes. The transcriptional module compass expression analysis including large-scale and specific genes. The epigenomic module includes DNA methylation analysis and miRNAs expression. Finally, the function module is proposed to investigate the functional role of variants potentially related to disease and response to treatment in vitro. This study represents a break in the current dichotomy between normality and disease, using several stages of the disease, as well as various clinical sub-phenotypes to be studied with different genetic approaches. This platform is innovative because it allows generating hypotheses with focus on identification of genetic risk factors in various stages of the disease and that, in future, may be tested for prevention interventions in schizophrenia. (AU)

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