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Center of the Study of Violence - NEV/USP

Grant number: 13/07923-7
Support type:Research Grants - Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers - RIDC
Duration: July 01, 2013 - June 30, 2024
Field of knowledge:Interdisciplinary Subjects
Principal researcher:Sergio França Adorno de Abreu
Grantee:Sergio França Adorno de Abreu
Home Institution: Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas (FFLCH). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
( Atuais )
Marcos César Alvarez ; Paulo Sérgio de Moraes Sarmento Pinheiro
Pesquisadores principais:
( Anteriores )
Nancy das Graças Cardia
Assoc. researchers:Alan Felipe Ferreira ; Aline Morais Mizutani Gomes ; Altay Alves Lino de Souza ; Ana Lúcia Pastore Schritzmeyer ; André Rodrigues de Oliveira ; Ariadne Lima Natal ; Arturo Alvarado ; Bruna Gisi Martins de Almeida ; Bruno Paes Manso ; Camila Caldeira Nunes Dias ; Caren Ruotti ; Clarice Divino Carvalhinho Lopes ; Damião Candido Medeiros Filho ; Debora Piccirillo Barbosa da Veiga ; Fernando Afonso Salla ; Fernando Carrion ; Frederico Castelo Branco Teixeira ; Gautam Bhan ; Giane Silvestre ; Guilherme Assis de Almeida ; Gustavo Lucas Higa ; Herbert Rodrigues ; Hugo Van der Merwe ; Isadora Aragão Rodrigues Pereira ; José de Jesus Filho ; Juliana Mucinic ; Juliana Pellegrino Siegmann ; Leandro Aparecido dos Santos Rodrigues ; Luz Gonçalves Brito ; Magdalena Cerda ; Maíra Coutinho Teixeira ; Marcelo Batista Nery ; Marcos César Alvarez ; Maria Fernanda Tourinho Peres ; Maria Gorete Marques de Jesus ; Mariana Thorstensen Possas ; Marisa Laurentino Mendonça ; Rafael Werneck Cinoto ; Renan Theodoro de Oliveira ; Renato Antonio Alves ; Renato Sérgio de Lima ; Teresa Caldeira ; Thiago Rodrigues Oliveira ; Valentina Garcia de Victor ; Vitor Souza Lima Blotta ; Viviane de Oliveira Cubas
Associated grant(s):19/23601-6 - Legitimacy of state institutions on the border regions: a comparative approach between Brazilian triple border and Northern Ireland, AP.R SPRINT
18/26716-6 - The political economy of organized crime and its impacto on Latin American democracies, AV.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):22/02705-0 - Violence and the use of the city through the perception of children and adolescents: a case study, BP.IC
22/05379-7 - Crime and walkability in São Paulo (SP): challenges and possibilities, BP.IC
22/03424-5 - Human Rights Observatory in Schools: focus on educommunicative methodologies, BP.TT
+ associated scholarships 21/14729-9 - Beyond docile bodies and biopolitics: punishment in Michel Foucault, BP.MS
22/00861-5 - State, family and social order: management of minority under the social service for minors (1934-1950), BP.MS
21/08257-7 - Looking for legitimacy: prison in dispute between organised crime and model experiences, BP.PD
21/07390-5 - Promoting social change from the bottom-up: strengthening courses of action of the youth from PODHE towards a more democratic and equitable society, BP.PD
21/07353-2 - Top-down citizenship? the impacts of Lava Jato in the perceptions about the justice system, BP.PD
21/07296-9 - Digital de-democratization: the spread of authoritarianism through social media in Brazil, BP.PD
21/06639-0 - Interactions with the police, legitimacy, and vigilantism: does police legitimacy mediate the effect of being stopped by the police on support for vigilantism?, BP.PD
21/06778-0 - Beyond crime: the process of representing hate crimes in contexts of political effervescence (2016-2018), BP.MS
21/06982-6 - Family institutional trust in public school, BP.PD
21/07121-4 - Problematizing negationism: COVID-19 pandemic, democracy, and human rights, BP.PD
21/05090-4 - Acting of the armed forces in public security: legitimacy from the military perspective, BP.DR
21/05502-0 - Crime and walkability in São Paulo (SP): challenges and possibilities, BP.IC
21/02709-3 - Networks against crime: the mechanisms of formation, stability or change of port security networks, BP.DR
20/15880-0 - To the State, the order: the creation of the Police in São Paulo, police institutional trust and violence monopoly (1834-1889), BP.DR
20/03254-7 - Implementation of the Observatory Project on Human Rights in Schools (PODHE), BP.TT
19/27728-0 - Implementation of the Observatory Project on Human Rights in Schools (PODHE), BP.TT
20/00880-4 - Implementation of the Observatory Project on Human Rights in Schools (PODHE), BP.TT
19/27208-7 - Punishing young offenders: perceptions and practices, BP.IC
19/22485-2 - Incarceration and organized crime, BP.IC
19/20561-3 - The legitimacy of killing and dying on the public security policies, BP.IC
19/14664-4 - The emergency conditions and operation of the COP system of the military police of the São Paulo, BP.IC
19/10046-4 - Extending the procedural justice model of institutional legitimacy: the role of social conditions and individual experiences, BP.PD
19/10560-0 - Visual Analysis and Engineering of Urban Features for Crime Prediction in São Paulo City, BP.PD
19/11114-3 - Violence and punishment in discourse: the communication of the "bullet representatives", BP.PD
19/10575-7 - Hate, culture and politics: cases study about hate crimes, BP.IC
19/11302-4 - Legal socialization and juvenile justice, BP.TT
19/09360-6 - Development of attitudes and behavior towards authorities and laws: Latent Transitions Analysis, BP.PD
19/09575-2 - Legal socialization of court-involved youth in São Paulo/Brazil, BP.PD
19/09663-9 - Police officers more professionally satisfied are more willing to offer a better service to society?, BP.PD
19/09986-2 - Punishment and conservatism: study on the `security caucus´ in the São Paulo State Parliament, BP.DR
19/06022-2 - Evaluation of the Human Rights Observatory in Schools Project (PODHE), BP.TT
19/06344-0 - Procedural Justice training for police officers, BP.TT
19/06421-4 - Implementation of the Observatory Project on Human Rights in Schools (PODHE), BP.TT
19/04021-9 - Technical training in human rights education: project Human Rights Observatory in Schools, BP.TT
19/03709-7 - Technical training in human rights education: organization and evaluation of the project Human Rights Observatory in Schools, BP.TT
19/02667-9 - Means and ends of the rule of law: a case study of plea bargain in Brazil, BP.DR
19/03398-1 - Analysis of homicide records from the Department of Public Safety and the population perceptions about police work in the key-areas of CEPID NEV USP, BP.IC
19/02526-6 - Criminal dynamics in São Paulo: the quality of the digital record of occurrences and its spacialization, BP.IC
19/02612-0 - Predictive policing, social control and racial inequality, BP.DR
18/10820-9 - Observatory Project on Human Rights in Schools, BP.TT
18/10504-0 - Analysis of data and results of the Observatory Project on Human Rights in schools, BP.IC
18/09854-6 - Reasons to obey and disobey law and authorities, BP.IC
17/21496-5 - Digital dissemination of Center for Study of Violence, BP.TT
18/04971-4 - Human Rights Observatory in Schools, BP.TT
17/25438-0 - Moral panic and human rights: the experience of the so-called humanization policy in São Paulo, BP.DR
17/04103-0 - Organizational structure and self-legitimacy: a comparative study between civil and military police in the state of São Paulo, BP.PD
17/04428-6 - Policing, relationship of authority and legitimacy by the state of São Paulo civil and military police, BP.PD
16/08164-0 - Police legitimacy in São Paulo: racial differences, BP.IC
16/08504-6 - Police legitimacy in São Paulo: social differences, BP.IC
15/16142-4 - Violence, health and prevention: criminology contributions to the study of homicides in Brazil and for the design of new investigations in order to identify risk factors for interpersonal violence among children and adolescents, BE.PQ
14/19557-8 - What is in the world is not in the records: the construction of the legal truth in the processes of drug trafficking crimes, BP.DR
14/26694-1 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: an exploratory study related to local health care services, BP.IC
14/26899-2 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: an exploratory study related to local municipal administrations, BP.IC
14/27002-6 - Occupation and urbanization process of key area, BP.IC
14/26492-0 - Occupation and urbanization process of key area, BP.IC
14/26990-0 - Occupation and urbanization process of key area, BP.IC
14/26900-0 - Occupation and urbanization process of key area, BP.IC
14/27354-0 - Occupation and urbanization process of key area, BP.IC
14/22323-9 - The support towards extra-legal punishment and punitiveness in television journalism: discursive formats and incidence in the city of São Paulo, BP.IC
14/18976-7 - Privacies in public: on the legitimacy of privacy and freedom of information in Brazil and England: public debates on the regulation of Brazilian internet and the Leveson inquiry, BE.PQ
14/05288-5 - The impact of local contact among citizens and institutions: exploratory research related to educational institutions, BP.IC
14/01023-7 - Criminal impunity and trust in institutions, BP.PD
14/02053-7 - Comparative analysis of institutions, public policies and homicide rates in 4 districts of SP, BP.PD
14/00976-0 - Youth, law and authority: how young people learn to respect laws, BP.PD
13/24023-0 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: exploratory research related to local security councils, BP.IC
13/23438-1 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: exploratory research related to local justice institutions, BP.IC
13/23527-4 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: exploratory research related to local health care institutions, BP.IC
13/24271-3 - Determining study areas within the city of São Paulo: demographic data collection from IBGE Census, data on urban mobility from the research 'Origin and Destiny of Sao Paulo Subway' and data on the Sistema de Educação e Cultura do Estado de São Paulo, BP.IC
13/23454-7 - The impact of local contact among citizens and institutions: an exploratory study related to local municipal administrations and Civil Defense institutions, BP.IC
13/23471-9 - The impact of local contact among citizens and institutions: an exploratory study related to local social security agencies and child courts, BP.IC
13/24029-8 - Determination of study areas within the City of São Paulo: crime data from Secretaria de Estado de Segurança Pública, mortality data from Fundação SEADE and accident data from the SIVVA database, BP.IC
13/24239-2 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: an exploratory study related to local police services, BP.IC
13/24904-6 - Impact of local contact between citizens and institutions: exploratory research related to local culture centers, BP.IC - associated scholarships


Since 1990, NEV has analyzed aspects of the intertwining of democratic consolidation and the persistence of violence. Recently the research program focused on the study of the quality of democracy from the perspective of human rights and violence. Successive expectations and prognosis about democracy have failed so far: there has been no regression but democratic rule of law remains a distant goal. How well such institutions perform while applying the laws, or implementing programs dictated by laws will reflect on their legitimacy. This in tum should reflect on the legitimacy of laws and in the strengthening of rule of law. We propose to explore how the legitimacy of key institutions is constructed, or jeopardized, in the contacts of between citizens and civil servants. This is will be limited to the local institutions: the local municipal administration, the local school, health center, labor courts, police services, and local justice centers. Emphasis is given to new innovative legislation and programs. We will explore how macro and micro phenomena come together and impact each other. This will be done from the perspective of citizens, as well as from civil servants involved. The study will take the form of a longitudinal panel with multiple contacts over a period of time. International comparisons on specific issues will take place through similar topical studies that will be carried out in: Mexico City and South Africa (Johannesburg) (the police and courts); and in New Delhi, Cape Town, and Berkeley (housing, land use, use of public space, etc.). Cut crossing issues are law enforcement in the frontiers with Ecuador, Mexico and South Africa (Johannesburg). In all settings, gender and vulnerable age groups (youth, children and the elderly) will receive special analyses. (AU)

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Violencia ampliada 
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