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Applications of image analyses and NIR spectroscopy for quality assessment and authentication of food products


In recent years, the concept of process analytical technology (PAT) in food quality control has been the focus of attention from researchers and producers. Quality control in the food industry is traditionally accomplished through chemical, physical and microbiological test. Some of these methods are slow, laborious and destructive. Nowadays it is possible to replace most of the drawbacks of these methods through indirect fast and non-destuctive techniques. Image analyses and NIR spectroscopy technique are fast methods with a wide range of applications due to its speed, simplicity and safety as well as its ability to measure multiple parameters simultaneously, avoiding lengthy sample preparation procedures. In addition, the combination of these techniques as in hyperspectral systems is currently the state of the art in this field. These techniques offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of quality assessment, including ease of adaptation for online systems and the possibility of simultaneous determination of several attributes. However, there are few studies on the subject in emerging countries. This project aims to develop the technology for image analyses and NIR spectroscopy in the classification and evaluation of physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of food products. The project aims to measure physical and chemical attributes (pH, color, chemical composition, etc) of fresh poultry meat, and processed poultry products; and rapid classification and authentication of samples and prediction of the attributes measured by imaging and spectral information of samples. (AU)

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Scientific publications (27)
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