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Study and application of electrochemical technology for the analysis and degradation of endocrine interferents: materials, sensors, processes and scientific dissemination

Grant number: 17/10118-0
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: August 01, 2018 - July 31, 2023
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Sanitary Engineering
Principal Investigator:Marcos Roberto de Vasconcelos Lanza
Grantee:Marcos Roberto de Vasconcelos Lanza
Home Institution: Instituto de Química de São Carlos (IQSC). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Carlos , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Artur de Jesus Motheo ; Mauro Coelho dos Santos ; Neidenêi Gomes Ferreira
Assoc. researchers:Ana Cláudia Kasseboehmer ; Ana Lopes Correia Tavares ; Fernando Cruz de Moraes ; Kathia Maria Honorio ; Luiz Henrique Ferreira ; Renata Colombo ; Robson da Silva Rocha
Associated grant(s):19/00599-6 - 25th ISE topical meeting, AR.EXT
19/06650-3 - EMU granted in the 2017/10118-0 process: potentiostat system with impedance module, AP.EMU
18/22211-7 - EMU granted in process 2017/10118-0: total organic carbon analyzer (TOC), AP.EMU
18/22022-0 - EMU granted in the 2017/10118-0 process: spectroelectrochemistry system, AP.EMU
18/22210-0 - EMU granted in process 2017/10118-0: liquid chromatograph (HPLC), AP.EMU
Associated scholarship(s):19/22271-2 - Electrogeneration hydrogen peroxide: study of porous microlayer composed by amorphous carbon, BP.IC
19/20634-0 - Treatment of wastewater contaminated with endocrine interferences through the application of electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: synergistic effect of different carbon supported cathodes, BP.PD
18/18675-8 - Nanostructured electrocatalysts based on PT, PD and oxides of low cost for applications in energy and environment, BP.DR
+ associated scholarships 19/04421-7 - Production and characterization of metal-graphene or graphene oxide nanocomposites for the electrocatalytic production of hydrogen peroxide: application to the degradation of endocrine disrupting chemicals by electrochemical advanced oxidation processes, BP.PD
19/12328-7 - Synthesis, activation and electrochemical application of non-commercial carbon, BP.IC
18/22026-5 - Design and construction of a photoreactor system for the preliminary evaluation of electrodes aiming at their application in the degradation of organic compounds that act as endocrine disruptors, BE.PQ
19/06768-4 - Use of the residues of the beer production in the thermal synthesis of active carbon and their application in the study of the reduction reaction of oxygen, BP.IC
19/08701-4 - Hydrogen peroxide electrosynthesis recharging gas thickness electrodes (EDG) modified with combined nanostructured metal oxides, BP.DD
19/01925-4 - Application of gas diffusion electrodes modified with advanced materials in hydrogen peroxide electrosynthesis applied for the degradation of organic pollutants, BP.DD
19/00288-0 - Degradation of antibiotics by electrochemical advanced oxidation processes, BP.PD
19/04543-5 - Study of the contribution of videos of scientific dissemination to the formation of the scientific spirit, BP.PD
19/00239-0 - "synthesis and characterization of new electrocatalysts for hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration", BP.PD
19/00592-1 - Degradation of carbamate agrochemicals from Advanced Oxidation Electrochemical Processes (AOEP) using boron doped diamond electrodes, BP.DD
18/26307-9 - Development of Pd and Nb electrocatalysts for application in fuel cells and degradation of organic pollutants, BP.IC
18/26475-9 - Evaluation and application of electrodes of oxide mixtures and boron doped diamond for the degradation of organic compounds with activity of endocrine interference, BP.DD
18/19103-8 - Computational study of electrochemical properties related to the degradation of endocrine disruptors, BP.PD
18/16308-8 - Production and characterization of hybrid nanomaterials from electrospun nanofibers and evaluation of their efficiency against the electrochemical oxidation of atrazine, BP.DR
18/19108-0 - Study of the inquiry method contribution to students autonomy perception in high school chemistry classes, BP.IC
16/19612-4 - Degradation of endocrine disruptors carbofuran, methylparaben and propylparaben via electrogenerated H2O2 and associated processes (electrogenerated H2O2/UV, electro-Fenton e photoelectro-Fenton), BP.DD
16/08760-2 - Heterojunction of NiO/ZnO and CuO/ZnO applied at the PHOTOELETRODEGRADATION of trimethoprim and levofloxacin, BP.PD
14/27164-6 - Production and characterization of reticulated vitreous carbon/nanodiamond/silver nanoparticles composites used for nitrate removal, BP.PD - associated scholarships


The aim of this research project is the development and application of new materials in electrochemical processes (and associated) for the degradation of compounds with endocrine interference activity (endocrine disruptors), evaluating the efficiency of these processes and the identification of by-products of degradation. In addition, the project provides the development of electrochemical sensors of analysis for this type of compound and the scientific dissemination of the knowledge produced both in the scientific environment and for society in general, with special attention for public school students. (AU)

Scientific publications (26)
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