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Lignin valorization in cellulosic ethanol plants: biocatalytic conversion via ferulic acid to high value chemicals

Grant number: 15/50590-4
Support Opportunities:Program for Research on Bioenergy (BIOEN) - Thematic Grants
Duration: June 01, 2017 - January 31, 2023
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Genetics - Molecular Genetics and Genetics of Microorganisms
Convênio/Acordo: BBSRC, UKRI
Principal Investigator:Fábio Márcio Squina
Grantee:Fábio Márcio Squina
Principal researcher abroad: Tim David Howard Bugg
Institution abroad: University of Warwick, England
Host Institution: Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação, Pesquisa, Extensão e Inovação. Universidade de Sorocaba (UNISO). Sorocaba , SP, Brazil
Associated grant(s):20/05784-3 - EMU approved in grant 15 / 50590-4: chromatographic system and detectors for analysis of sugars and lignocellulosic monolignols, AP.EMU
Associated scholarship(s):22/09248-4 - Conversion of lignin to ferulic acid (WP2), BP.TT
22/05117-2 - WP1 - Integration between lignin valorization and cellulosic ethanol production, BP.TT
21/14783-3 - Conversion of lignin to ferulic acid (WP2), BP.TT
+ associated scholarships 21/13886-3 - Bioprocesses intensification, expansion of chemical products production and lignocellulose processing, BP.TT
21/04254-3 - Development of Biorefinery concepts via coumaric acid conversion into high-value compounds, BP.PD
21/08564-7 - Conversion of lignin to ferulic acid (WP2), BP.TT
20/15483-0 - Biocatalytic production of high-chemical from lignin streams, BP.TT
20/14543-0 - WP3 - Biocatalytic formation of fragrance chemicals from ferulic acid, BP.TT
20/11019-8 - WP1: integration between lignin valorization and cellulosic ethanol production, BP.TT
20/03474-7 - WP3: biocatalytic formation of fragrance chemicals from ferulic acid, BP.TT
20/03051-9 - Bioprocesses intensification, expansion of chemical products production and lignocellulose processing, BP.TT
19/26321-4 - Conversion of lignin to ferulic acid (WP2), BP.TT
18/18101-1 - Development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system in Rhodococcus jostii RHA1 for production of high-value chemicals from lignin streams, BP.DD
17/08166-6 - Genetic engineering of yeast for conversion lignocellulosic material to ferulic acid, BP.DR
17/16089-1 - Production of lignin chains, metagenomic screening and biocatalytic conversion of lignin to ferulic acid, BP.PD
17/05901-7 - Development of E. coli-Rhodococcus CRISPR/Cas9 shuttle vector targeting ferulic acid accumulating Rhodococcus jostii RHA1 mutants, BP.MS
16/09950-0 - Functional, structural characterizations and biotechnological application of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from the lower termite Coptotermes gestroi, BP.PD
16/07926-4 - Novel integrative strategies through the aldoketo reductase from the termite Coptotermes gestroi for detoxification, saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulose aiming bioethanol production, BP.DR - associated scholarships


Lignin can be obtained as a by-product of cellulosic ethanol production, and is a potential source of renewable chemicals, if methods for lignin valorization can be developed. Efficient valorisation of lignin is a major unsolved problem in the development of sustainable biorefineries. The proposal builds upon an existing BBSRC partnership award, and brings together expertise in biocatalyst discovery and lignocelullose ethanol production (CTBE) with expertise in biocatalytic lignin valorization (Warwick) and biocatalysis for high value chemicals production (Manchester, UCL) The overall aim is to generate new methods for lignin valorization via intermediate ferulic acid, which has been generated from lignin in previous Pl's works. The project will involve the following work packages: 1) optimization of lignin generation from cellulosic bioethanol; 2) conversion of lignin to ferulic acid from lignin using synthetic biology; 3) enzymatic conversion of ferulic acid into pharmaceutical L-Dopa; 4) biocatalytic generation of high value fragrance chemicals (coniferyl acetate, isoeugenol) from ferulic acid; 5) bioprocess and scale-up of chemicals production from renewable feedstocks; 6) technical and sustainability impact assessment. Technology developed in the project could be applied to major plant feedstocks used in Brazil (sugar cane) or the UK (wheat). (AU)

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Novel biotechnological route developed to obtain fine chemicals from agricultural waste 
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Scientific publications (23)
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